Self-Loading Stacker

Warrior Self-Loading Stacker
Self-lift Stacker is an innovation and unique choice for delivery of goods, one product can replace your Tail-lift, Hand Pallet Truck, Stacker, Ramp and Swing lift. It is easy and quick to transport, by loading itself into your Van, Pick-up, Lorry, or Trailer (with or without a load on the forks), so that there will be no unloading or reloading problems at your destination, which increases the efficiency significantly and makes the deliveries easier and faster.


  • Muti-purpose functions with its unique Self-Lift design, it is so convenient to travel with the vehicle to serve for different purposes.
  • Unique design to ensure the stacker can lift itself safely without a load on its forks.
  • 12V/42Ah maintenance-free battery for stable performance and easy service and maintenance.
  • Wheel protection as well as foot brake to make sure the stacker travels with the vehicle safely.
  • High performance pump unit gives fast and stable lift and low noise.
  • Built-in Charger for easy charging between deliveries on the vehicles.
  • The long tiller designs provide enough space between the operator and the stacker to reduces the risk of injury
  • There are Lift-N-Lower buttons both at the handle and the stacker body, allows the easiest operation of the stacker for different purpose.
  • There is an interim roller at the middle of the legs, ensures easy push forward the stacker into the vehicles when it lifts itself on the vehicle.