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Forklift Attachments

Warrior Fork Extensions

The Warrior range of fork extensions are a simple but effective way of lengthening your forks to handle longer loads safely without damaging the load. Manufactured from heavy duty steel channel they will fit on to forks up to 50mm thick. Steel retainers prevent the forks from sliding off. We recommend that you check with the manufacturer of your lift truck its capabilities when lifting at a greater load centre. Fork extensions should not exceed the length of fork to which they are fitted by more than 4%.

Model Extension Length Fit Fork Width Net Per Pair
EX604 1525mm 100mm 44Kg
EX605 1525mm 125mm 49Kg
EX725 1830mm 125mm 59Kg
EX726 1830mm 150mm 64Kg

Warrior Telescopic Fork Mounted Jib

  • Model NO: TFMJ30
  • Converts the forklift into a mobile crane
  • 13 jib positions
  • Safe working load 3000Kg – 640Kg
  • One swivel hook
  • Retension chain
  • Fork pocket dimensions 180mm(w) x 60mm(h) x 660mm(I)

Warrior Fork Adaptor Lifting Beam

  • Model No: MK25
  • Capacity 2500Kg
  • Max fork section: 160mm x 60mm
  • Allows overhead lifting

Tipping Skips

  • Tipping containers provide the best help to industry for sorting refuse, waste and handling materials
  • Designed, reinforced and powder painted to offer the maximum safety and lifetime
  • Sprung pressure plate on the base frame for automatic emptying
  • Also with manual tipping

Tipping containers are exceptionally well suited for sorting waste. They can be supplied in appropriate colours as recommended by the refuse collection board.

Colour Material Colour No.
Blue Paper Colour No (RAL 5019)
Red Dangerous for the
Colour No (RAL 3020)
White Plastic Colour No (RAL 9010)
Orange Combustable Colour No (RAL 2008)
Yellow Textile Colour No (RAL 1021)
Brown Compostable Colour No (RAL 8017)
Green Glass Colour No (RAL 6032)
Grey Metal Colour No (RAL 7042)

TIPPO is reinforced in the correct places to withstand tough truck handling.

  • Corner reinforcements increase the containers rigidity
  • Reinforced fork channels
  • Stop axle is dimensioned to cope with the loads to which it can be subjected
  • The automatic tipping function is not just for increased effciency, it also increases the safety during empty from heights, since the TIPPO cannot slide off the forks due to the reaction from the rubbish container

Technical specifications for open tipping containers

Art No 10015 10030 10060 10090 10110 10160 10200 10250 10300
Indentification Tippo 150 Tippo 300 Tippo 600 Tippo 900 Tippo 1100 Tippo 1600 Tippo 2000 Tippo 2500 Tippo 3000
Capacity (L) 150 300 600 900 1100 1600 2000 2500 3000
Length (mm) 770 1215 1495 1495 1665 2120 2120 2120 2120
Width (mm) 760 840 865 1210 1220 1065 1320 1570 1870
Height (mm) 580 750 865 870 1040 1245 1245 1245 1245
Weight (Kg) 70 102 125 170 180 230 250 298 323
Capacity (Kg) 1200 1500 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

Technical specifications for tipping containers with high cover

Art No 11020 11040 11075 11110 11130 11170 11220 11270
Indentification TL 200 TL 400 TL 750 TL 1100 TL 1300 TL 1700 TL 2200 TL 2700
Capacity (L) 200 400 750 100 1300 1700 2200 2700
Length (mm) 770 1215 1495 1495 1665 2120 2120 2120
Width (mm) 760 840 865 1210 1220 1065 1320 1570
Height (mm) 904 1115 1292 1292 1545 1845 1845 1845
Weight (Kg) 90 140 175 240 260 330 350 430
Capacity (Kg) 1200 1500 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

Accessories: Flat cover for open tipping containers. Can be easily mounted later.

Art No 12021 12041 12076 12111 12131 12171 12221 12271 12301
Flat cover for Tippo 150 Tippo 300 Tippo 600 Tippo 900 Tippo 1100 Tippo 1600 Tippo 2000 Tippo 2500 Tippo 3000

Accessories for tipping containers

Art No 19030 19031 19040 19041 19042 19046
Indentification Wheel set nylon 150mm Wheel set solid rubber 160mm Fork Lock Spacer heels for handling with stacking trucks Spacer for wheels when handling with stacking trucks Net-Tap-Tight welding for liquid separation

Warrior Fork Mounted Drum Tipper HK285

  • Capacity 680Kg
  • For 210 litre steel drums
  • For tipping, pouring etc
  • Converts your forklift truck into a drum handler
  • The 10m pull-chain loop allows control from the drivers seat
  • It has 30:1 ratio gear box preventing gravity roll

WARRIOR Drum Positioner – DR400

  • Capacity 400Kg
  • For manipulating 210 litre steel or L and XL ring drums from horizontal to vertical and vice versa
  • Hinged tines lock automatically when lowered to ground in horizontal position
  • Ideal for loading/unloading drums stored horizontally on drum racking and stands
  • Suitable for loading drums and onto vehicles
  • Completely mechanical operated
  • Can be operated without the driver leaving the the seat of the truck
  • Easy to learn operating technique, written instructions provided
  • Max. fork W x D: 140 x 150mm fork spread:575mm
  • Overall size: 1900 x 690 x 655mm
  • Net weight: 75Kg

WARRIOR Gator Grip Forklift Drum Grab

  • Carry one or two drums by the automatic grip lock, maintains a positive grip over rough floor surface
  • The Gator Grip onto lock feature will not open and ensures safe secure drum transport
  • Grip head has different position to fit different heights
  • Easily carry and have much more safety

Model DG360A DG720A
Capacity (Kg) 360 720
Drum Size (Gallon) 55 55 x 2
Fork Opening (mm) 560 605
Overall Size (mm) 830x710x100 1030x850x1000
Packing Size (mm) 900x710x490 900x790x500
Net. Weight (Kg) 60 96

WARRIOR Automatic Drum Clamps for Forklift Trucks.

WARRIOR Automatic Drum Clamps For Forklift Trucks  fit quickly and easily onto the forks. They are secured via hand screws. Once fitted, the drum clamp will automatically pick up, transport and deposit drums without the driver needing to leave the truck. The drums are held in position by using their own weight to tighten the arms. When deposited the arms of the clamp simply slide away from the drum. Available for steel 210 litre drums in either drum or double drum configuration and now the DG50 for Single Plastic Drums

Forklift Service

forklift-services-dublin-300x216 Forklift not what it used to be? Need some spare parts? Then look no further!

As well as being the market leader in forklift attachments, here at One Stop Handling we also have unparalleled access to Forklift Parts for all makes and models.

We understand that your forklift is an integral part of your business and that you cannot be without your forklift for long. That’s why we can have your parts in 24 hours to help get you back up and running.

Nothing is too big or small so whether it’s a wheel nut, a filter, a seat or a whole new engine you need then give us a call.

Still having trouble?

Then one of our qualified engineers will call out and find the source of your problem. We have years of experience in the materials handling business and we understand the pressures and time constraints our customers are under.

So, if your machinery isn’t working as it should, then call One Stop Handling and we’ll have you back on your wheels in no time!