Loading Dock Tables

Loading Dock Tables 

Loading docks need to transfer materials safely and efficiently between vehicles and facilities, or between different levels. Scissor lifts for loading docks often have to sustain high load stresses, including point loads when vehicles cross lift tables. They must work safely and reliably under extremely difficult operational and environmental and conditions, particularly in challenging weather.

This rapidly growing field is attracting many new suppliers, but quality and reliability based on long experience are paramount. Dock equipment companies, contractors, and architects know they can rely on our lifts to meet their needs year after year.

Our wide range of standard tables fit smoothly into this highly standards-based industry. Our customising service can also provide any bespoke solution you may need. Whether you choose standard or custom, you will value us as an expert partner in implementing loading dock lift solutions that are:

  • Reliable in extended heavy duty
  • Safe in accordance with a tough regulatory environment

Our lifts for loading docks withstand extended heavy duty. They are ruggedly constructed, with well thought-out reinforcement to handle challenges like point loads. We employ highly effective surface treatments to protect during outdoor use, saving you time and money on repairs and maintenance. This is complemented by our easily accessible closed hydraulic power system, which ensures a long service life in arduous conditions. We back all this with our comprehensive two-year warranty and a supportive service contract offer.

Meet regulatory requirements

We also use our long experience to build in safe operation, with anti-slip protection, for example, and mechanical bottom stops to prevent overcrossing. These not only directly protect your operators’ health but also help you meet regulatory requirements such as EN1570-1 and Safety Categories 1-8.

Your guarantee of uninterrupted flows

When you buy our lifts for your loading dock, you benefit from our responsive local presence, which ensures quick and trouble-free installation and service. And above all, you can be confident your solution comes from an industry leader whose experience and expertise are your guarantee of safe, smooth and uninterrupted flows across your loading docks.

Product profile

Weight capacity: 2000-10000 kg
Lifting height: 0-1500 mm
Platform LxW: 2000×1500-3000×2400 mm
Drive: Hydraulic motor


  • Loading flaps bridge the gap between the lift and the vehicle/loading dock
  • Safety railings and gates meet the safety requirements for traveling operators
  • Surface treatments with multiple options for extended life
  • Chain mesh protects against mechanical damage and reduces the risk of personal injury
  • Bellows provide extra safety, and protection against dust, dirt and bad weather
  • Roll-off guards prevent roll-off during loading/unloading


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