Personnel Lift


Personnel Lift small and manageable when transporting

All ALP-Personnel-Lift are convincing through their
perfected technology, superb finish as well as their

The telescopic extending special aluminium profiles are
particularly lightweight and allow working heights of
up to 14 meters.

Thanks to the standard loading unit, the ALP-Personnel-
Lifts can be loaded onto a trailer or into a transporter
in a one man operation.

Even movement through small passage ways, standard
doorways or transport in elevators is no problem due
to the compactness of the lifts.It goes without saying that all lifts conform to all current safety regulations.

Make up your own minds about Personnel Lift

All ALP-Personnel-Lift are technically perfected German products and demonstrate this through their robust build and at the same time, compactness. Metric materials are exclusively used in the production of our lifts.

All components are subject to the stringiest of checks from our quality management systems. You will receive free on-site advice and demonstrations carried out by our qualified and experienced staff.
We offer a countrywide complete service which includes everything from sales and customer service covering our complete product range.

All ALP-Personnel-Lifts come with comprehensive standard equipment that allows simple and user-friendly operation.

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1.5 KW drive motor
Hand or foot control as required
Extra control unit below
Outrigger transport barrow makes transport easier
Forklift pocket for problem free transport
Wheels with stabilizing brakes
Outrigger control unit with warning light
Loading unit with height adjustable wheels
Spirit level for correct and safe positioning

Product Overview

  • Ideally suited to:

    Repair work

  • Maintenance

  • Assembly work

  • Installation work

  • Cleaning work

Product Specifications

Technical Details

ModelPHC 650PHC 800PHC 940PHC 1100PHC 1200PHC 1300PHC 1400
Working Heightmd6.508.009.4510.8512.0012.7514.00
Platform Heightmb4.506.007.458.8510.0010.7512.00
Platform Loadkg140140140140135135115
Length Tippedmq-----2.402.85
Height Tippedme-----1.981.95
Area used (assembled) innermh x k1.25 x 1.261.41 x 1.391.53 x 1.501.74 x 1.782.04 x 2.052.18 x 2.172.29 x 2.25
Area used (assembled) inner with ballast weightsmh x k1.25 x 1.261.25 x 1.261.25 x 1.261.41 x 1.491.61 x 1.671.81 x 1.852.04 x 2.05
Area used (assembled) outermh x k2.04 x 1.952.43 x 2.282.73 x 2.55 3.24 x 3.103.67 x 3.473.67 x 3.473.90 x 3.67
Area used (assembled) outer up against wallsmi x j1.25 x 1.621.41 x 1.861.53 x 2.051.74 x 2.462.04 x 2.792.18 x 2.852.29 x 3.00
Distance from wallcmm910921344045
Deadweight without ballast weightskg250280300330345394430
Deadweight with ballast weightskg294354384414429478514
Extension speed approxsec.28262126263540

ModelPHC-HI 650PHC-HI 800PHC-HI 940PHC-HI 1100
Working Heightmd6.608.009.4010.80
Platform Heightmb4.606.007.408.80
Platform loadkg140140140140
Area used (assembled) innermh x k0.79 x 1.3700.79 x 1.370.79 x 1.370.89 x 1.43
Distance from Wallcmm0000
Extension speed approx.sec.28262126

Accessories Images

Power supply in working basket
Special wheels available for operation in differing locations
Crane lifting point for safe transportation
Tool box
Ballast weights for use with shorter outriggers
Counter weight for shorter outrigger
Rotating (axis) wheels for 360° positioning
Extendable working basket
Protective cover

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