Mobile Work Positioners

One Stop Handling irl. Supply Standard & Non Standard Work Positioners. They operate with loads from 65 kg up to 250 kg. Weight distribution is spread evenly over all four swivelling wheels.  With the unit’s short wheelbase and light self-weight the Work Positioner is the safest and most manoeuvrable lifter on the market!

An improvement in the working environment resulting, such as greater safety. In addition with ergonomics & profitability for your company.


The charger cannot overcharge the battery as it has an automatic switch off.

Perfect weight distribution

Due to the lifting mast unique positioning at the rear of the chassis. The New Mechanic has  achieved near perfect weight distribution. Therefore providing unrivalled manoeuvrability and safety.

The 100% vertical mast eliminates problems such as platform drift found on other products.

Compact design

The Work Positioner features an extremely compact design which is also very easy to clean.

Product features of  Work Positioners.

  • One- or two-speed function for elevation and descent, depending on model.
  • Battery charger with auto-cut-of-function.
  • Easily customized for your specific requirements.
  •  Higher Lift Heights
  • Wider Straddles etc.
  • Long Reach 
  • Counter Balanced 


  • Some of the products that can be handled:
    • Boxes
    • Reels
    • Drums
    • Sacks
    • Cheese & Butter Blocks
    • Castings, Tools & Dies

We can supply your business with a range of lifters designed to suit a number of applications and load capacities. Furthermore available with gearbox, winch, hand hydraulic or electro hydraulic operation. So our positioners and lifters are available at competitive prices to ensure you don’t have to pay over the odds. Especially if you want to get your hands on effective and reliable moving and handling equipment

assorted work positioner attachments


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