High-Safety Ergonomic Working Platforms

An aging and increasingly overweight labor force is putting the focus on ergonomic workplaces incorporating safety and reliability. This is driving demand for innovative ergonomic working platforms that position operators quickly and accurately to enable them to work at the right level. In this area, every combination of operator, material, and equipment is different. A high level of customizing expertise is needed to meet safety regulations that are sure to get even tougher as the use of working platforms expands.


We are one of the few suppliers with such expertise, making us the natural choice for OEMs, integrators and any company needing ergonomic workplace equipment. We offer:

  • Innovative solutions
  • Flexible customization
  • Reliable material flows
  • Safe operation to comply with regulations

Our working platforms include single- and twin-scissor tables and high-lift models. They are available fixed or mobile (known as movable aerial working platforms, MEWP). Our MEWPs are further divided into manually propelled (on wheels) and self-propelled (on rails) models.

Our base models are only the beginning, however. Our customizing service will also provide the bespoke solution that is essential for your operation. Using our expertise and experience in applications, design, and construction, you can be confident that our solution will meet your needs.

We have some of the biggest platforms on the market, giving your operators better access and mobility, as well as more space for tools and other equipment. Your operators make fewer movements, saving time and costs and improving safety.

Meet regulatory requirements

Safety is vital, not least because operators travel on these platforms. Our products comply with all applicable regulations, including EN1570-1, EN 280 (mobile) or Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC depending on the application.

Your guarantee of uninterrupted operation

When you buy our working platforms, you benefit from our responsive local presence, which ensures quick and trouble-free installation and service. And above all, you can be confident your solution comes from an industry leader whose experience and expertise are your guarantee of safe, smooth and uninterrupted operation. We back all this with our comprehensive two-year warranty and a supportive service contract offer.


Product profile

Capacity: 200-1000 kg
Lift height: 500-3000 mm
Platform LxW: 1350×1000-11000×4000 mm
Manual, wheeled
Capacity: 200-1000 kg
Lift height: 2000-7000 mm
Platform LxW: 1350×1000-3000×2000 mm
Self-propelled, rails
Capacity: 200-1000 kg
Lift height: 2000-7000 mm
Platform LxW: 1350×1000-11000×4000 mm


  • Customized railings/gates with unique features such as photocell-based automated control
  • Chain mesh protects against mechanical damage and reduces the risk of personal injury
  • Bellows provide extra safety, and protection against dust, dirt and bad weather
  • Access stairs for quick, safe access
  • Anti-slip protection for operators
  • Synchronized scissors give all-round easy access
  • Pre-programmable multi-positioning streamlines workflows
  • Extension frames improve ergonomics and efficiency
  • Telescopic stabilizers handle uneven flooring
  • Collision protection with sensors and automatic stops
  • Load cells reduce downtime by eliminating overloads
  • Self-closing telescopic rails speed repositioning of equipment
  • Fall lines protect operators and equipment

Additional services

  • Training helps existing and new employees achieve top performance at minimum cost
  • Technical support finds the right solution for you, freeing up your resources
  • Third-party approvals are available on demand to assure quality and safety


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