Light Duty Stackers

WARRIOR Work Positioners

  • Capacity 150/200Kg
  • 2 models
  • Lift height 1500/1550mm
  • Compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable
  • M200 with self sustaining winch
  • MES150 with auto overload protection
  • MES150 with maintenance free battery and built in charger
  • Mounted on 4 swivel castors

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    WARRIOR Light Duty Stacker

    Our Ministackers are excellent for everyday light duty work area where loads to be lifted far exceed “the Manual Handling Directive” but do not demand a heavy duty industrial stacker.

    With capacities of 200kg and 400kg respectively and two lift height options the Ministackers are suitable for many internal jobs too.

    • Capacity 1000kg
    • Pulling handle on rear for steering truck
    • Hand operated parking brake
    • Foot guards on rear wheels
    • Full guarding on mast
    • Tandem lift chains for extra safety
    • Manual lift / travel

    Conforms to BS EN 1757-1:2001

    Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Max Lift (mm) Min Fork Height (mm) Fork Spread (mm) Fork Length (mm) Overall Length (mm) Overall Width (mm) Overall Height (mm)
    GT1015 1000 600 1525 60 540 1170 1550 1310 1950
    GT1029 1000 600 2885 60 540 1170 1550 1310 1995

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      Manual Mini Stacker with hand winch

      Manufactured partly in aluminium. Especially sutiable for hand workers during the installation, for example, electircs and plumbing. The forks and support legs can be removed quickly and eaisly so that it takes the minimum space during transport.

      Art No. 44020 44025
      Identification AL-1250 ST AL-1250 ST
      Capcity (Kg) 225 180
      Lifting Height (mm) 90-1250 90-2500
      Lifting speed loaded /unloaded Cranck Cranck
      Fork width(mm) 630 630
      Fork length (mm) 570 570
      Fork Wheel diameter (mm) 50×50 50×50
      Steering Wheel diameter (mm) 200×50 200×50
      Weight(Kg) 51 60
      Total height (mm) 1710 2960
      Total width (mm) 630 630
      Total length (mm) 880 880

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        Manual Stacker Trolley

        Light stacker with big wheels that easily takes you over uneven surfaces with it’s big wheels. Low light weight and ergonomical shaped handle makes it useable in many situations. Hand controlled brake for safety.

        Art No. 44012
        Identification PM 120
        Capcity (Kg) 120
        Lifting Height (mm) 1050
        Fork width (mm) Moveable between 345-485
        Fork length (mm) 570
        Fork Wheel diameter (mm) 200×50
        Steering Wheel diameter (mm) 50×20
        Weight(Kg) 31
        Total height (mm) 1360
        Total width (mm) 460
        Total length (mm) 920

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