Battery powered electric tug to pull loads up to 1000Kg

The LT300 is a battery-powered tug with tiller drive. It has been designed to move trolleys and other containers on wheels safely and comfortably, reducing physical effort and improving productivity. It is equipped with an emergency stop that can be easily activated from the driving tiller. This tug is particularly suitable for internal handling of trolleys at airports, hospitals, factories, warehouses, etc. Various configurations are possible, choosing between different types of batteries and tires. It can be set up with accessories that make the standard product adaptable to multiple uses.

Compact, ideal for handling and storing the vehicle in confined spaces

Foldable tiller with variable height, for greater comfort of use

Variable inclination of the machine, for better balance and safe operation

Independent adjustment of the support wheels: optimal set-up for each type of use

  • Pulling capacity on flat surface: 1000 Kg
  • Pulling speed: fast 5 Km/h – slow 2,5 Km/h
  • Pushing speed: fast 3 Km/h – slow 1,5 Km/h
  • Battery recharging time: approx. 8 hrs.
  • Battery: AGM 2 x 12V/33 Ah C20 or AGM 2 X 12V/50 Ah C20
  • Electric motor: 24V/300 watt DC S2 60 min
  • Length: 961 mm
  • Width: 453 mm
  • Height: 1049 mm
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Dashboard display: Remaining battery charge
  • Battery charger: External – 5A high frequency
  • Speed control: Butterfly type
  • Parking brake: Electromagnetic
  • Oil bath differential
Equipment body2 Traction wheels and 2 support wheels
Traction wheels250mm Superelastic
Driving control typeFoldable tiller
AcceleratorButterfly type
Battery chargerExternal 5A
Dashboard displayRemaining battery charge
Parking brakeElectromagnetic
BatteriesAGM type, 2x 12V / 33Ahh C20
Electric motor24V / 300 watts 2 20 min
Product net weight80kg

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