FB1400 Drum Lifter

The FB 1400 drum lifter is a specially designed lift and tipping device for handling rolling hoop drums. The FB1400 drum lifter is wheeled to a standing drum which is then clamped into the drum basket. Using the hydraulic foot pump the drum is raised to the required height. This makes it easy to transport, lift, tip, mix and empty drums. The FB 1400 P drum lifter is a version with additional features. It is designed for handling steel and plastic drums of different diameters.

FB features:

  • Hydraulic foot pump
  • Worm drive gearbox with handle to mix and empty drums
  • Cylinder fitted with hose failure protection
  • Large rubber wheels, Ø 200 mm
  • Castor wheel fitted with brake
  • Basket fitted with clamp for 200L steel drums (FB 1400 only)
  • Prism with ratchet strap for steel drums Ø 400 – 600 mm

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