Spring operated pallet loader (PalletPal)


Spring level loaders automatically adjust the height of pallets as boxes are added or removed, eliminating bending, reaching, and stretching. With loads kept at a constant height, logistics workers can build and break down pallet loads quickly and easily, with minimum effort and risk of injury. A built-in turntable top allows workers to spin the load so they can remain in one spot throughout the loading and unloading process.


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Our PalletPal spring level loaders are ergonomic, offering nearside loading at a constantly correct height. Their rugged construction ensures uninterrupted flows and a long and reliable working life. They are easy to move and adapt to changing needs, providing the flexibility your operation needs. Installation is quick and easy, because Pallet-Pals have no electrical or hydraulic systems.

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Product Features

  • Standard PalletPal features include:
    • Heavy-duty calibrated springs for a long working life
    • Damper to ensure safe, smooth raising/lowering
    • Low-friction turntable provides smooth, safe rotation
    • High-stability base improves safety with no need for pit
    • Integral fork pockets make relocation easy
    • Tool-less spring changing saves time

Product Specifications


Lifting height: 241-711 mm
Weight capacity: 180-2000 kg
Platform LxW: 1108×1108 mm
Shipping weight: 186 kg


  • Bellows provide extra safety, and protection against dust, dirt and bad weather
  • Adjustable feet overcome uneven floors
  • Foot step improves access to goods at a high level and avoids stretching
  • Portability kit for extra mobility with no need for tools
  • Solid top plate (circular or rectangular) easily changed for flexibility

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