Material Lifts

1 = mechanical drive 2 = electro-hydraulic drive 3 = electric drive / Maximum 250 kg payload

We reserve the right to make changes to the design, weight and dimensions of equipments.

Portable equipments with mechanical drive

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Portable equipments with mechanical drive OSHPortable equipments OSH

Transport in all types of vehicle possible
Portable equipments illustration OSH

Technical details

Payload100 kg

Portable machines with pneumatic drive

Portable machines with pneumatic drive OSHPortable machine pneumatic drive OSH

Transport in all types of vehicle possible

Portable machines with pneumatic drive OSH

Transport help; useful accessories

Technical details

Load capacity 125 kg

Double Crank winch
Retrofit electro-drive (EW 300)
Electric drive (LE)
Electro-hydraulic drive (LH)

Product Overview

  • Ideal for the safe lifting of:

    Ceiling elements

  • Light traverses

  • Air ducts

  • Fan heaters

  • Piping

  • Steel girders

  • Roller shutters

  • Exhibition booth assembly systems

Additional information

Further drive types

Robert Böcker Ltd offers a wide range of accessories for all material lifts under the brand name of “ALP-Lift”. Further to electrical drives and extra outriggers, additional features ease the work load over a wide range of tasks. For the optimum solution to every job, contact us!

Product Specifications


Load bearing capacitykg400575600750300380450500600500
Lifting height max.load fork uppermma3960396062107470336039204830512062904800
Lifting height max.load fork lowermmb3570533058207080297035304440473059004350
Dimensions of load forks
Dimensions of lift in operation
Undercarriage widthmmf760760760760760760760760760760
Undercarriage lengthmme1585178517852005145514551455166015251610
Mast heightmmc2197219718802197188616001886160018861970
Transport dimensions Widthmmf760760760760760760760760760760
Transport dimensions lengthmmd880830780780720720760760760765
Deadweight LM without outriggerskg13515816517899110118128139199
LH without outriggerskg215235255
LE without outriggerskg185205225

Portable equipments with mechanical drive

Lifting height3.45m
Dimensions Platform0.50 x 0.50m
Undercarriage1.55 x 1.40m
Build/loading height1.00m
Transport dimensions Length1.00 m
Transport dimensions Width0.36 m
Transport dimensions Height0.40 m
Machine Weight34kg

Portable machines with pneumatic drive

Lifting Height3.20 m4.60 m
Dimensions Platform0.49 x 0.49 m0.49 x 0.49 m
Undercarriage1.00 x 1.00 m1.00 x 1.00 m
Transport Height0.97 m1.21 m
Transport Dimensions Length0.93 m1.17 m
Width0.35 m 0.35 m
Height0.35 m0.35 m
Machine Weight29 kg32 kg

Accessories Images

Side outriggers
Fork extensions
Vacuum device for overhead glass pane fitting
Vacuum device for vertical glass pane fitting
Load hooks
Awning / marquee installation

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