Pneumatic Manipulators

PN Series: The PN series pneumatic manipulators are completely pneumatic balancers for capacity up to 250 kg including lifting tool. Different models are available: PN ERGO, PN FLEX, PN COMPATTO and PN ZIP, and different supports such as column, ceiling, overhead rails mounted.

ERGONOMIC: The specially designed position of the cylinder grants consistent load balancing along the whole vertical stroke.

RELIABLE: It’s completely pneumatic manipulators logic guarantees a high level of long-term reliability and very low maintenance costs.

SAFE: Equipped with safety devices that retain the grip on the load, even in case of power interruption. Special brakes keep the arm and gripping tool still when not used.

VERSATILE: It can be equipped with countless types of lifting tools, mechanic or vacuum, standard or custom made.

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Product Specifications

PN ERGO MODELS Column mountedPN 80PN 160PN 250
Capacity (including lifting tool)Kg80160250
Arm length (R1) mm270027002600
Vertical stroke mm175017201450
Offset handling: max distance from the lifting tool Z axismm300300500
Uncovered area (R2)mm907935900
otation around column RaxisdegreesContinuousContinuousContinuous
Rotation around tool axisdegreesStandard: 550 optional: continuos Standard: 550 optional: continuos Standard: 550 optional: continuos
Air pressure min.Bar6,56,56,5

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