Drum Handlers

Warrior Drum Handling – Drum Handler DT250

Easy to use it lifts the drum hydraulically off the floor. Ideal for transportation and smoothly lowers it via a spring return knob. This simple but very effective Drum Handler DT250 makes light work when moving 205 litre steel drums around

Lifting Capacity250Kg
Lifting Height345mm
Lifting per stroke22mm
Max Drum Diameter572mm
Max Drum Length915mm
Max. Height in Lowered Position1000mm
Max. Height in Raised Position1215mm
Net Weight40Kg

Warrior Drum Handler with Wide Straddle DTW 250

The warrior DTW250 Drum Handler has a wide straddle to enable the unit to lift 45 Gallon Drums off pallets 800m width i.e Europallets. The unit is exceptionally easy to operate. Particularly gliding along on large polyurethane wheels. Also fitted with parking brake

Lifting Capacity250Kg
Lifting Height345mm
Lifting per stroke22mm
Max Drum Diameter572mm
Inside Straddle850mm
Outside O/A straddle1015mm

Warrior Drum Handler Override DTR 250

The WARRIOR DRUM HANDLER OVERIDER DTR250 has a wide straddle and a cantilevered frame which allows it to pass over an 800mm max wide pallet allowing drums to be manoeuvred both on and off with ease. The drum lifter is exceptionally easy to operate, gliding along on large polyurethane wheels. Having a combination of wide straddle and cantilevered chassis also enables the DTR250 to lift drums off corners of spillage containment areas.

Lifting Capacity250Kg
Max Drum Height1180mm
Min Drum Height910mm
Drum Diameter572mm
Inside Straddle850mm
Outside O/A straddle980mm

Warrior Drum Handler PLUS

WARRIOR Drum Handler Handler PLUS will handle 201 litre drums on and off bund pallets aswell as regular pallets.

Lifting Capacity450Kg
Lifting Height500mm
Lifting per stroke12mm
Max Drum Diameter572mm
Max Drum Length915mm
Max. Height in Lowered Position1250mm
Max. Height in Raised Position1380mm
Net Weight165Kg

Warrior Drum Caddy

WARRIOR Drum Caddy will handle 140/210 litre steel/plastic drums. Removable handle is used to tilt drums for positioning and doubles up as a bung key.

Lifting Capacity500Kg
Lifting Height500mm
Drum Size140/210 litre
Overall size950 x 570 x 750mm
Net Weight17Kg

Drum Handler / Drum Lifter FL300

The drum lifters are designed for handling 200 litre steel drums. They lock the barrel automatically while lifting. They can lift drums in and out from almost any lorry or van. Simple lift with a foot pedal and lowering with a dead man’s handle.

  • Total height at maximum lift for both the lifters 1920mm
  • Distance between the supports = 870mm

Technical specifications Drum Lift

Art No.5430054310
IdentificationFL 300 AFL 300 AH
Capacity (Kg)300300
Lifting Height (mm)700700
Fork Wheel (mm)65 Nylon125 Nyloon
Steering Wheel (mm)80 Nylon125 Nylon
Weight (Kg)6770

Drum Handling Stacker / Lifter with tilt function

The drum handling lift is designed for lifting and tilting 200 litre steel drums. It is an excellent aid for emptying and stacking drums. Easy and safe lifting procedures are controlled by a foot pedal. The drum tilting function is operated by a manual crank.;

  • Distance between the supports = 870mm

Technical specifications Drum Lift with tilt function

Art No.54140
IdentificationPI 1400
Capacity (Kg)350
Lifting Height (mm)1400
Fork Wheel (mm)74 x 70 Nylon
Steering Wheel (mm)180 Nylon
Weight (kg)155
Total Width (mm)1070
Total Height (mm)2020
Total Length (mm)1240

Barrel and Tire Trolley

For handling barrels, tires or other loads with a circular bottom. Welded steel structure. High stability.

Technical specifications Barrel Trolley

Art No.54000
IdentificationBarrel Trolley
Capacity (Kg)300
Internal Diameter (mm)598
Total Height (mm)157
Wheel Diameter (mm)75
Weight (Kg)9.5

Drum Cradle DC 30

Drum cradle with four wheels for safe transport and storage of 200 litre steel drums. Clamp on the handle to lock the barrel to the carriage.


  • Capacity: 205Kg
  • Wheel: Nylon 7.5 mm diameter
  • Weight: 14 Kg

Drum Combi Truck DF 10

  • Capacity: 300Kg
  • Front Wheels: 125 x 35 mm
  • Back Wheels: 100 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 15 Kg

Drum Truck DE 450

Drum loading truck for transport and loading on and off pallets. All of the grip height is adjustable to fit different sizes of steel drum. Smart pedal support makes it simple, easy ans safe to move the truck and drum in to the transport position.


  • Capacity: 350Kg
  • Dimensions: H 1520 x W 620 mm
  • Wheel: Solid rubber 250 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 28 Kg

Counter Balanced Type

This drum depalletiser has a counterweight in the box at the back of the unit. This allows it to be used for lifting drums and barrels without the need of support legs sticking out the front of the unit. These are generally used for taking drums off pallets and lifting them into dispensing machines that have no access for wheels to go around or under.

The universal stainless steel drum grip is designed for lifting steel or plastic drums and barrels from 50 to 205 litres. We have fitted the highest quality wheels with precision bearings to ensure that the unit is easy to push. The rear handle operates the tiller steering on both rear wheels. We would recommend this unit for operating on level floors. The steel chassis is grit blasted and powder coated to give a tough long lasting finish. The drum is lifted using a double acting hydraulic hand pump. This is easy and quick to use.

The unit is also available in full stainless steel including an electro polished finish for GMP areas. Both the steel and stainless steel drum lifting units can be supplied for ATEX Rated areas.

Technical Specifications

  • Lift height 370mm (taller options available)
  • Will lift 50-205 litre drums and barrels steel or plastic
  • Steel construction with grit blasted and powder coated finish
  • Stainless steel ladder rack and universal drum catch
  • 160mm wheels with precision bearings and polyurethane tyres
  • 2 x rear park brakes
  • Double acting hydraulic pump unit
  • SWL 350kg
  • Length 1276mm
  • Width 605mm

Corner Depalletiser

The corner depalletiser is specifically designed for lifting and moving drums and barrels from pallets in areas where the width of the unit is an issue. This drum mover can only reach the drums placed at the four corners of a pallet; therefore it requires access to all sides of the pallet which can mean a larger area is required or a pallet truck may be needed to move the pallet for access. It allows the safe handling and transportation of drums and barrels from 50-205 litres.

Different height options are available for the drum mover to suit the pallet or bund height.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum SWL 350kg
  • Overall Width 1180mm
  • The Overall Depth 950mm
  • Overall Height 1360mm
  • Standard Lift Height 370mm
  • Protects operator from danger zone
  • Complies with latest regulations
  • Simple one man operation
  • Automatic quick lift function for speed of use
  • Lift height options to suit your requirements
  • Fits all types and sizes of drums and barrels
  • Options to fit all pallets and bunds
  • Drum grip constructed of stainless steel
  • ATEX Compliant options available.

200l Steel Drum Lifter

The drum gripper is a robust device designed for lifting and transporting 200 l steel drums. The gripping mechanism also holds the drum securely during transport.

Gripping mechanism

Wheel extension arms adjustable in width

Front wheels Ø 200 mm

Supplied with additional set of wheels with Ø 70 mm to allow the drum gripper to be driven under pallets.

FB1400 Drum Lifter

The FB 1400 drum lifter is a specially designed lift and tipping device for handling rolling hoop drums. The FB1400 drum lifter is wheeled to a standing drum which is then clamped into the drum basket. Using the hydraulic foot pump the drum is raised to the required height. This makes it easy to transport, lift, tip, mix and empty drums. The FB 1400 P drum lifter is a version with additional features. It is designed for handling steel and plastic drums of different diameters.

FB features:

  • Hydraulic foot pump
  • Worm drive gearbox with handle to mix and empty drums
  • Cylinder fitted with hose failure protection
  • Large rubber wheels, Ø 200 mm
  • Castor wheel fitted with brake
  • Basket fitted with clamp for 200L steel drums (FB 1400 only)
  • Prism with ratchet strap for steel drums Ø 400 – 600 mm

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