Pedestrian Pallet Trucks

The WARRIOR Powered Pallet Truck

Easily manoeuvred and safe motorised pallet truck. Multifunction handle with safety switch that ensures the operator is not crushed between walls and trucks when reversing. The motor control is manufactured by CURTIS. Easy and light steering for safe use.

Model ECO
Capacity (Kg) 1500
Max Fork Height (mm) 205
Lowered Fork Height (mm) 85
Fork Length (mm) 1150
Overall Fork Width (mm) 520
Overall Length (mm) 1590
Overall Width (mm) 685
Turning Radius (mm) 1480
Drive Wheel (Polyurethane) 1200W / ?250
Lift Motor 800W /24V
Traction Battery 24V/60Ah
Charger Built in
Net Weight (Kg) 324

The WARRIOR Heavy Duty Powered Pallet Truck

The WARRIOR Heavy Duty Powered Pallet Truck is a rugged 2000Kg unit which will easily cope with the arduous conditions found in busy factories and warehouses.

The compact design combined with the new technology makes the WARRIOR ideal for narrow, cramped aisles. The shortest head length in the market permits superb manoeuvrability.

Smooth Curtis controls combined with a powerful electromagnetic dive unit make light work of everything. Supplied c/w 210AH Traction Battery & 24V/30A Free Standing Charger.

Model LPT20 LPT22
Capacity (Kg) 2000 2000
Maximum fork height 205mm 205mm
Lowered Fork Height 85mm 85mm
Fork Length 1150mm 1150mm
Overall Fork Width 540mm 540mm
Overall Length 1815mm 1815mm
Overall Width 726mm 726mm
Turning Radius 1640mm 1640mm
Drive Wheel (polyurethane) 230mm 230mm
Lift Motor 800W/24V 800W/24V
Drive Motor 1500W/24V 1500W/24V
Traction Battery 24V/210Ah 24V/210Ah
Charger Free Standing Free Standing