The Skipper Stair climber

NON-MARKING CRAWLER TRACKSstair-climbing-trolley-skipper-3

The special non-marking crawler tracks let you use the equipment on any surface, even unfinished surfaces. In addition, the weight is always on the staircase, so the operator does not need to keep it balanced.



ANTI-TIPPING SYSTEM FOR LOADSstair-climbing-trolley-skipper-detail

SKIPPER can be configured with various accessories, including an anti-tipping base that makes it safe on landings.




Available capacities
250, 300 and 350 kg

Total height: 257 cm
Height with closed frame: 126 cm
Frame width: 55 cm

Extendible and adjustable.

Type of battery
Lead gel 24V without memory effect.

Battery life
Skipper 250 kg: about 1,000 steps up the stairs, about 3,000 steps down the stairs
Skipper 300 kg: about 900 steps up the stairs, about 2,700 steps down the stairs
Skipper 350 kg: about 800 steps up the stairs, about 2,400 steps down the stairs

Operating space
With Skipper in the standard configuration, the turning space is equal to that of a manual trolley. With Skipper equipped with lifting or anti-tipping base, the turning space is reduced.

Standard equipment
SKIPPER is always equipped with 1 strap to tie the load, 1 battery pack provided as standard, 1 automatic battery charger 220/24V, and 1 standard base measuring 37.5 cm x 13.5 cm depth.

The company Zonzini Srl has the right to make changes and/or improvements to the products and/or components at any time, also without prior notice.



ACCESSORY FOR DOORS AND WINDOWSstair-climbing-trolley-door-windows-skipper3

Lets you move doors and windows both right and left and keeps them at an angle to easily pass even on narrow stairs, but always with the weight centred on the trolley.




ANTI-TIPPING BASEstair-climbing-trolley-skipper-2-300x215

It is mainly indicated for heavy materials. It has an electric piston that offers two advantages:
– at the beginning of the flight of stairs, the load is automatically rested on the stairs.
– on the landing, when the load is vertical and balanced by the operator, the open electric piston ensures that the load will not tip up.


LIFTING BASE WITH ANTI-TIPPING SYSTEMstair-climbing-trolley-lifting-base-skipper1-300x215

It consists of two accessories in one.
This accessory is very useful if particularly bulky material is carried on narrow landings, since the load is electrically lifted up to 42 cm to avoid the first step of the next flight of stairs and to gain turning space. This accessory is also already equipped with an anti-tipping electric piston.


CUSTOMISABLE BASEstair-climbing-trolley-skipper-5

The standard base can be customised depending on the customer’s needs.





WHEELED BASEstair-climbing-trolley-vending-machine-skipper4-300x215

This accessory provides load support on four wheels, therefore it is suitable for the manual transport of loads on uneven surfaces such as roads, pavements, gravel, etc.
When you have reached the stairs, the wheeled base allows you to start directly going up the stairs, without wasting any time and without effort.



ALUMINIUM RAMPstair-climbing-trolley-skipper-1-300x215

The aluminium ramp is useful to load and unload any type of goods directly from the van using DOMINO.

The measurements of the standard ramp are: 67 cm x 8 cm x 200 cm. Upon customer request, ramps with customised measurements can be provided.