The Mule is designed to assist glass workers to unload, rotate and transport large plates of glass in shop. It has a lifting capacity of 300 Kg’s. It can rotate glass measuring up to 4400 mm. The Mule has a 12-volt battery powered vacuum pump.

The Mule is One Stop Handling’s exciting new machine to allow glazing shops handle heavy glass on and off edgework machines, glass dollies and trucks with greater safety and ease. The Mule has a lifting capacity of 300 Kg and can be operated by one person.

The Mule can rotate glass 360 degrees allowing long and heavy sheets of glass to be loaded onto an edgework machine.

The Mule is operated by a portable DC vacuum pump applying vacuum to four 11 inch Woods cups. The vacuum pump arms can be swivelled allowing for long narrow plates to be handled safely.

The Mule complies with all relevant European Directives.

Benefits of using The Mule

  Used as an alternative to an overhead crane to handle heavy sheets of glass
  Save money as the Mule is about one quarter the cost of a basic overhead crane
  Reduce manpower when rotating plates of glass needed for edgework machines
  Reduced OSHA risks due to reduced hazardous manual handling of glass
  Improved productivity as less people are required to do the same work
  Use areas of the glazing shop not serviced by an overhead crane
  Safely load trucks outside the glazing shop


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