Tipping Skips

Tipping Skips – 

  • Tipping containers provide the best help to industry for sorting refuse, waste and handling materials
  • Designed, reinforced and powder painted to offer the maximum safety and lifetime
  • Sprung pressure plate on the base frame for automatic emptying
  • Also with manual tipping

Tipping containers are exceptionally well suited for sorting waste. They can be supplied in appropriate colours as recommended by the refuse collection board.

TIPPO is reinforced in the correct places to withstand tough truck handling.

  • Corner reinforcements increase the containers rigidity
  • Reinforced fork channels
  • Stop axle is dimensioned to cope with the loads to which it can be subjected
  • The automatic tipping function is not just for increased effciency, it also increases the safety during empty from heights, since the TIPPO cannot slide off the forks due to the reaction from the rubbish container

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Product Specifications

ColourMaterialColour No.
BluePaperColour No (RAL 5019)
RedDangerous for the environmentColour No (RAL 3020)
WhitePlasticColour No (RAL 9010)
OrangeCombustableColour No (RAL 2008)
YellowTextileColour No (RAL 1021)
BrownCompostableColour No (RAL 8017)
GreenGlassColour No (RAL 6032)
GreyMetalColour No (RAL 7042)

Technical specifications for open tipping containers

Art No100151003010060100901011010160102001025010300
IndentificationTippo 150Tippo 300Tippo 600Tippo 900Tippo 1100Tippo 1600Tippo 2000Tippo 2500Tippo 3000
Capacity (L)15030060090011001600200025003000
Length (mm)77012151495149516652120212021202120
Width (mm)760840865121012201065132015701870
Height (mm)58075086587010401245124512451245
Weight (Kg)70102125170180230250298323
Capacity (Kg)120015002000200020002000200020002000

Technical specifications for tipping containers with high cover

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