Battery powered electric carrier on wheels for loads up to 500Kg*

The JT-300LP is a four wheels carrier. The tilting tiller, which acts on the steering wheel, offers great control and easy handling. It has an accelerator operated by the thumb, allowing the use of only one hand. This carrier is ideal for both indoor and outdoor work, in greenhouses and in nurseries. It can push or pull without effort. The 260-liter flatbed is perfect for the rail industry, in Primary care trust centers, in hotels, in greenhouses and nurseries, for gardening and in livestock paddocks.

Flatbed with removable sides

Equipment body on 4 wheels for better stability on rough surfaces

Tilting tiller with micro safety switch and automatic return to rest position

Precise handling thanks to the two steering wheels on swing axle

*The loading capacity is an indication that can change depending on the type of surface, on the slope degree and on the working time of the machine.

Equipment body4 wheels
Driving wheels on differentialGarden type
Driving control typeTiller
AcceleratorButterfly type
Battery chargerExternal, 13A High Frequency
Dashboard displayRemaining battery charge
Equipment failures
Hour meter
Parking brakeElectromagnetic
AGM batteries2 x 12V / 85 Ah C20
Electric Motor24V / 1200 Watt S2 60min.
Product net weightfrom 173 Kg abt

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