Express 200

The Express 200 is designed to allow a glazier to unload, transport and install large plates of glass. It has a lifting capacity of 200 Kg’s. It can rotate glass measuring up to 3660 mm. It has adjustments to allow for side and top pocket glazing.

Handling glass plates and windows can be a back breaker due to the weight and dimension of the plates and the uneven grounds of construction sites. The methods to deliver plates haven’t changed in decades even with windows now getting heavier and larger.

One Stop Handling has released the Express, an innovative small portable lifter that allows one man to move plates weighing up 80kg or two to three men up to 200kg. The Express is loaded easily onto a truck and quickly assembled in under a minute.

Once assembled the Express can unload plates off the truck and then transport the plates and windows on site. The large 330mm solid wheels allow for travelling over rough grounds on construction sites. The wheelbase can be adjusted from 54 cm to 80cm allowing for narrow walkways on-site.

Two terrific features of the Express allow the lite or window to be rotated 360 degrees and secondly the operator can also index the lite allowing him to move through standard 90cm wide doorways.

  • Lifting capacity 200 Kg
  • 2 x 300mm vacuum cups
  • Holds glass up to 3660mm x 1500mm
  • Rotates glass 360°
  • Pivots glass 90° to side for doorways
  • Mast extendable by 250mm
  • Wheel base extendable for better stability
  • Side shift for precise Installation
  • One man operation
  • Portable for on-site glazing
  • Assembles in minutes

    Express 200 Auto Option

    One Stop Handling offers an upgrade options which allows for the attachment of a battery and vacuum pump and controller. This feature, combined with a H frame (lifting arm) and extra vacuum cups allows for the lifting arm (H frame) to be detached from the machine and raised using a crane (below the hook lifter).

    Additional options:

    • Window frame carrier
    • Lifts curved glass
    • Lower vacuum cup extensions
    • Forward vacuum cup extensions
    • Battery powered vacuum pump


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Product Specifications

Lifting capacity: 200 Kg
Handles glass up to 3650” x 1500mm
Front castors retract for glazing
Vacuum Cups: 2 x 300mm
Solid rear 300mm wheels
Pivots glass 90° to side for doorways
Mast extends 250mm
360° glass rotation
Wider axle for greater stability
Side Shift for Glazing (76mm)
Machine Weight with Vacuum Cups Removed - Top half 31kg, Bottom half 30kg

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